Cantina Giara Bianco Puglia “Mons-Roni Cannitum”


Cuvée: Mons-Roni Cannitum
Vintage: 2018
Grape(s): Verdeca, Malvasia, Moscatello Selvetico
Fermentation: Native
Appellation: Bianco Puglia
Region, Country: Puglia, Italy
Size: 750 ml
ALC./ABV: 10%

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Cantina Giara is a family-run business located in Adelfia, in the province of Bari. It is managed by Giorgio Nicasso who produces very natural wines made with such passion. His family produces white wines with long maceration on the skins for generations. The company currently has a couple of hectares of vineyards, all conducted with natural methods. The varieties grown are the typical Apulian ones such as Primitivo, Fiano, Greco, Malvasia and Verdeca which in this area have met their natural habitat to give rich and concentrated grapes. In the cellar we try to intervene as little as possible with the aim of leaving the taste, the perfume and the color of the fruit unchanged, therefore the fermentations take place with the only indigenous yeasts, and the wines are never clarified or filtered. Several wines are produced, among which the “Mons Roni Cannitum” stands out, a very particular version of Verdeca that makes a long maceration on the skins. All territorial wines of great character.

The Mons Roni Cannitum is an orange wine obtained from a blend of Verdeca, Moscato and Malvasia.It is amber-copper colored. On the nose, herbaceous scents of exotic fruit, citrus notes, Mediterranean scrub and spices. Fresh, sapid and delicate flavor; excellent drinkability, pleasant full taste, harmonious, voluminous and with good acidity. Fruity aftertaste. Any residues are natural.

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750 ml

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