Educational Hour

Elevator Food and Beverage is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive team; we are constantly growing! Our Educational Hour is an opportunity for passionates and professionals alike to socialize and learn about wine, beer, cocktails etc. in a more educational setting. Every week, we will invite guest professionals to go in depth about the topic; bringing their unique and exciting experience to the table. Round table discussions are essential; we value any and all opinions, and desire for these educational sessions to spark excitement and curiosity in our members.

This is not the place where you have to be right; or even where there is a ‘right’ way. We’ll discuss what makes up the current landscape of beverage, and where we want to make change. Sharpen your tasting skills. Explore the psychology of sales. Whatever comes up comes up. Old world, new world; Islay, Highland; Molecular Mixology, Natural wine; we’ll discover it all – together!