About Us

"Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life's most civilized pleasures."--- Michael Broadbent

We believe in the good. In the good people. In the good wine. In the good places; and especially in the good drinking. Hard working individuals and companies that give back to the environment, and their communities. Elevator Food and Beverage partner with the best and brightest all over the world. Innovators and pioneers in their fields. We are here to curate your choices of wine, beer, cocktails, cider, and all the experiences they inspire. Offerings range from individual products to cellar management. We want to keep you competitive; excited; on your toes. Because that keeps us on ours. 

You are welcome to expand and challenge your palate, and also to celebrate with your nearest and dearest! We offer a range of experiences that are tailored specifically to you. Tell us about you, the occasion, the vibe, whatever you want! Creativity is our strongest suit. We are ready for it all, and so is our team. Our team is made up of passionate individuals, excited to share their expertise and experience. Whether you need a guide through a tasting of Beaune Chardonnay, or a fellow gal pal at a bachelorette, we have it all. 

Elevator Food and Beverage are proud to partner with a host of local chefs and restaurants, in order to complete your event with tasty bites. Whether it’s a full dinner, or just snacks, our network of professionals is at your disposal. When it comes to restaurants, we offer a unique opportunity: hire our management team to give your business a leg up. The most competitive business deserves the most capable people. We also offer cellar management, menu design, and a host of other services for the hardworking, never-say-die restaurateur. 

Above all, we want to party with you; listen to you; and give you our honest opinion. Years of experience working in the field, as well as a passionate understanding of the industry provides a unique and exceptional personal touch to our work. Start shopping, or send us a message. Let’s get acquainted.