Elevator Food and Beverage provides many necessary services for the benefit of and in service to your wine investment. Cellar management includes a variety of tasks ranging from initial installation through to wine auctioning and sales. Each cellar is unique to each individual. We are here to help with any and all cellaring needs. Feel free to pick and choose which services you require, or hire us in a full service, full time capacity. The services we offer are as follows:

Wine Appraisal:

Discerning how much a wine is worth at any given time is a challenge, and sometimes, almost a science. Taking into account the shifting sands of the wine world, Elevator Food and Beverage will appraise your wines to the current market, as well as offering you tips and tricks for when to buy, and what to cellar. We are connected to the largest wine auctions in the city, and our database of world wide wine prices is constantly expanding. 

Inventory and Catalogue:

One of the most frustrating aspects of cellar management is inventory. How often have you opened a bottle by mistake; something not quite right for the occasion. Or have you lost a bottle you swore you put ‘in the back somewhere?’ Elevator Food and Beverage will keep a running catalogue and up-to-date inventory of your wines, in order to minimize these tragic occurrences as much as possible. Reorganization of the cellar is a constant task, as wines come and go. If you are purchasing wine as an investment, inventory and cataloguing are even more crucial. Get the most out of your bottles, and let us do the Excel-ing.

Cellar Design and Installation:

Each cellar, each home, each restaurant is different. Protecting your bottles from heat and light aren’t the only considerations. Integrating your cellar in your living space, or setting up an intimate, ‘wine-only’ space is up to you. We work with talented and creative interior design agencies; excited to design for your unique space. Our cellar installation team is ready to make them a reality. 

Moving and Cellar Relocation:

Nothing is worse than moving, and transporting your precious wines can be unnecessarily stressful. Let the Elevator Food and Beverage team alleviate your anxieties with our experienced moving team. We will pack up, transport, and reorganize the wines into your new cellar. No need to overspend on bubble wrap and cardboard.

Cellar Maintenance:

As with any other space, issues may come up at times in your cellar. Let us be your first call. Elevator Food and Beverage has a vast network of professionals on our payroll, and don’t want you to waste any time or stress on a broken AC valve. Up to date inventory and cataloguing are also available to you, so that there is never any doubt as to what you have and need!

Wine Purchase and Auction:

Elevator Food and Beverage works with an extensive team of agents and wineries, and are able to get incredible deals for your cellar, as well as offer you tips for when and where to buy. Excellent vintage news comes to us straight from the source, and we will be sure to keep you in the know. No wine is unfindable for us, and we are happy to seek out more information on wines that you love, or wineries you’d like to visit.

When the time comes to reap the rewards of your wine investment, we at Elevator Food and Beverage will be happy to list your wines in our personal database, or with a third party auction; whatever will get you the best value for your wines! As prices and availability fluctuate, we can also offer you tips and tricks for when and where to sell. 

At Elevator Food and Beverage, we can’t imagine a party without ‘fun juice.’ Whether it’s wine or cocktails, we are passionate about creating a unique experience for you and yours. From bachelorettes to book clubs, we have a knowledgeable team of beverage professionals ready to guide and party with you! We love curating each experience for your specific group, couple, or family. We are happy to design a custom tasting around any theme, spirit, holiday, or occasion that you desire. We are also happy to take the reins, if you would rather leave it up to us!

When it comes to location, we are flexible. Venues of ours include local restaurants and wine shops, but we are also more than happy to come to you. As each tasting is unique, our team will go through the location options with you personally, in order to find you the perfect spot. An intimate private tasting for you and your sweetheart at home, or a raucous free-for-all BBQ in the park, we got you. Wine, beer, cocktails, whisky, sake; you name it.

Don’t worry; there will be snacks! Elevator Food and Beverage partners with local merchants and restaurants in order to bring you the freshest and tastiest accompaniments to your beverages. The price for all is included in our pricing, as well, and we will always have the beverages available for purchase after the experience. We pride ourselves on our people; we are able to offer educational experiences or something a little more laid back, if that’s what you prefer. 

The world has changed a lot since 2020. We are also happy to offer virtual tastings at a discounted rate; we want everyone to be able to enjoy the community and familiarity of the people they love. We will deliver curbside food and beverage to each member of the tasting before the virtual experience. We welcome the input and involvement of each guest, and are able to host on any online chat or video conferencing software. All you need is a glass.

Elevator Food and Beverage offers a menu design service exclusively for our independent restaurant clients. Our staff of hospitality professionals collaborate to create a unique concept for each client. We keep our eye on the changing landscape in this competitive industry, in order to provide you with the best options for your restaurant menus. We also offer menu updates, as well as private tastings unique to your restaurant. 

Your people are what make up your business. Elevator Food and Beverage provides staff menu training, as well as specialized training in wine, cocktails, whisky etc. if desired. In order to keep your staff at the top of their game, we enjoy bringing our own experience and passion to the table for tastings.

Elevator Food and Beverage works with a variety of independent chefs and restaurants to staff your events. We are passionate about employing those who helped us become who we are. We will handle all the catering and tasting needs for you; all you need is the venue.

Our staff is knowledgeable and adaptable; whatever style of event you are hosting, our bartending and catering staff are passionate and experienced in their fields. Our team will personally discuss the details of your event with you, and create a unique experience for you and your guests.

Elevator Food and Beverage is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive team; we are constantly growing! Our Educational Hour is an opportunity for passionates and professionals alike to socialize and learn about wine, beer, cocktails etc. in a more educational setting. Every week, we will invite guest professionals to go in depth about the topic; bringing their unique and exciting experience to the table. Round table discussions are essential; we value any and all opinions, and desire for these educational sessions to spark excitement and curiosity in our members.

This is not the place where you have to be right; or even where there is a ‘right’ way. We’ll discuss what makes up the current landscape of beverage, and where we want to make change. Sharpen your tasting skills. Explore the psychology of sales. Whatever comes up comes up. Old world, new world; Islay, Highland; Molecular Mixology, Natural wine; we’ll discover it all – together!

Restaurants are the most competitive game out there. The pressure to be current, but timeless; exciting, yet comforting; it’s a challenge, to say the least. Elevator Food and Beverage offers a range of consulting services, to keep your business at the top of the list. 

Our menu design options take into account the current economic and social climates, so that you can be sure to stay current. If you want to transition to a new business with new offerings, we can help with that too. Our professionals help you distill your needs and desires, and offer comprehensive plans on how to achieve those goals. We can connect you with suppliers, and help to improve your overall business strategy.

Our team is made up of many talented and passionate hospitality experts, and we are more than happy to help with staff training. We would be delighted to offer you and your staff training on any part of the menu you desire. We are also happy to provide basic knowledge seminars for those new to the industry. We offer intermediate and advanced workshops in sales and management for those driven and passionate staff members. We also offer management team options, so that you can be sure that your vision is being executed to your standards. We will hire and fire for you; maintain a strong and cohesive team, and report everything to you.   

Our extensive network of independent chefs and restaurants are at your disposal when it comes to staffing and menu development. We can connect you to local, passionate people who are looking to improve your restaurant. Our rotating roster of available people is constantly expanding. We can also arrange chef consultations, if you had specific questions about food sourcing, menus, or trends.