Private Tastings

At Elevator Food and Beverage, we can’t imagine a party without ‘fun juice.’ Whether it’s wine or cocktails, we are passionate about creating a unique experience for you and yours. From bachelorettes to book clubs, we have a knowledgeable team of beverage professionals ready to guide and party with you! We love curating each experience for your specific group, couple, or family. We are happy to design a custom tasting around any theme, spirit, holiday, or occasion that you desire. We are also happy to take the reins, if you would rather leave it up to us!

When it comes to location, we are flexible. Venues of ours include local restaurants and wine shops, but we are also more than happy to come to you. As each tasting is unique, our team will go through the location options with you personally, in order to find you the perfect spot. An intimate private tasting for you and your sweetheart at home, or a raucous free-for-all BBQ in the park, we got you. Wine, beer, cocktails, whisky, sake; you name it.

Don’t worry; there will be snacks! Elevator Food and Beverage partners with local merchants and restaurants in order to bring you the freshest and tastiest accompaniments to your beverages. The price for all is included in our pricing, as well, and we will always have the beverages available for purchase after the experience. We pride ourselves on our people; we are able to offer educational experiences or something a little more laid back, if that’s what you prefer. 

The world has changed a lot since 2020. We are also happy to offer virtual tastings at a discounted rate; we want everyone to be able to enjoy the community and familiarity of the people they love. We will deliver curbside food and beverage to each member of the tasting before the virtual experience. We welcome the input and involvement of each guest, and are able to host on any online chat or video conferencing software. All you need is a glass.