Bisi Pramattone “Croatina 2017”


Cuvée: Pramattone
Vintage: 2017
Grape(s): Croatina
Fermentation:  Native
Appellation: Provincia di Pavia IGT
Region, Country: Oltrepo pavese, Italy
Size: 750 ml
ALC./ABV: 14.5%

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 Grape: Croatina 

Training system: Guyot 

Vines per hectare: 4.600 

Age of the vines: 22 years 

Yield per hectare: 9 tons 

Harvest: the grapes are hand-harvested slightly overripe in small boxes. 

Vinification: the must soaks with the skins for a long time. The wine is then briefly aged in oak to enhance the elegance and complexity of the bouquet and add further subtle flavours. 

Alcohol: 14,5% vol 

Tasting notes: purple red colour. Ample nose with well-balanced fruity and spicy notes. The palate reveals a full body with fine tannins. 

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750 ml

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Full Red

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Oltrepo Pavese

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