Chateau Beychebelle Grand vin “Saint- Julien 1995”


Cuvée: Chateau Beychevelle
Vintage: 1995 Grand Vin
Grape(s): Bordeaux Blend
Fermentation: Native
Appellation: St- Julien
Region, Country: Bordeaux, France
Size: 750 ml
ALC./ABV: 12.5%

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The men of Beychevelle have always ruled their land nobly and brought glory to the château.
Ever since its construction in 1565 by Bishop François of Foix-Candale, the reign of the Dukes of Epernon (of which the great admiral, Jean-Louis Nogaret de la Valette was the first), its rebuilding in 1757 by the Marquis de Brassier and subsequent enlargement by the Heine family, followed by the Achille-Fould family until 1986, the château has never ceased to amaze visitors, both in terms of its vineyard and the exceptional setting.


Beychevelle’s reputation and extraordinary beauty would not be what they are today without the help of remarkable women, such as Marie-Amélie Kohn, Madame Guestier and Madame Heine, Marie-Louise Fould and Lillette (Elisabeth de Foucaud) who have marked its history, developing its decorative style, its aura of hospitality and its beautiful gardens.


Today, Château Beychevelle belongs to Grands Millésimes de France, which is part of the Castel and Suntory groups, represented by M. Nobuhiro TORII.

Ever since it was first produced, and down through the various vintages, Château Beychevelle has reflected the elegance and finesse of Saint Julien’s finest terroirs.Graceful and complex, with a tremendous aromatic richness, Château Beychevelle is made from the best plots in the vineyard and undergoes a rigorous selection process.It reveals its character after about ten years, and can be kept for several decades, depending on the vintage.

Fruity nose, with tremendously elegant aromas. The attack is supple with delicious tannins.

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