Vranac Pro Corde “2016”


Cuvée: Vranac Pro Corde
Vintage: 2016
Grape(s): Vranac
Fermentation: Native
Appellation: Crmnica
Region, Country: Montenegro
Size: 750 ml
ALC./ABV: 13%

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Vranac is the autochthonous Montenegrin variety, originated most likely, in Crmnica area even in the antique times- by spontaneous crossing or as a result of spontaneous mutations. It obviously got its name by black (vran-black in Montenegrin) colour of a ripe berry, namely its skin.

After seven years of research and tens of different micro and macro trials, it is by the beginning of the nineties that a completely new technology of vinification has been designed and in 1993, Vranac of an unusual name- Pro Corde (‘for heart’) has appeared in the market. In the wine making of Pro Corde, a traditional maceration and vinification have been done by a particular, technological procedure, by which the contents of proanthocyanidols , natural ingredients of grapes, having the ability to bind free radicals and having a beneficial effect on human body, have been increased.

Montenegrin Vranac 2013

The wine is intense ruby colour with the purple hues. On nose and taste it reminds of ripe sour cherries, dark forest fruit and prunes with sweet, spicy tones, leaving good mouthfeel and warmth in the aftertaste. It is full on taste, rich with alcohol and extract. It has balanced acids and extraordinary tannic structure, giving it the possibility of longer laying down and aging.


Temperature: 16-18ºC

Glass: a large, tulip-shaped glass


Red meats, game meat,spicy dishes, fatty , mature cheese. In Montenegro, Vranac is traditionally consumed with the ham from Njeguši and with the dishes, made of good quality sea and lake fish-particularly with the smoked carp, as well as with all types of roasted meat and grilled dishes.

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