Nicolas Joly Savennieres “Coulee de Serrant 2018”


Cuvée: Coulee de Serrant
Vintage: 2018
Grape(s): Chenin Blanc
Fermentation:  Native
Appellation: Savennieres, Coulee de Serrant
Region, Country: Loire, France
Size: 750 ml
ALC./ABV: 15%

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A herd of cows produces compost for the vines. A herd of sheep eats the cover crop during the winter. Two hectares of old vines, also used in the production of new plants, are tented by the use of horses. Some blocks, since 3 years, haven’t received any copper or sulphur. The logic behind this approach is the quest to bring out the essential character of the soil (shist) and the microclimate (the estate overlooks the Loire), in order to obtain great originality in flavours, colours and aromas, and good ageing potential.

As we refuse clones, harvesting is carried out in 3 or 5 sessions to ensure perfect grape ripeness with some botrytis. In the cellar, we do virtually nothing apart from stirring the lees and pre-filtering. Vinification in wood entails, only a small proportion of new, barely toasted wood, so that the original flavours are not affected.

Our 3 wines: Coulée de Serrant, Savennières-Roche aux Moines and Savennières should be opened 12 to 24 hours ahead of tasting and served at 14°-15°C. / 57°-59°F. Once our Coulée de Serrant has been opened, it will improve for several days. Biodynamic since 1980. Demeter certification 1984. Ecocert certification 1987.

Coulée of Serrant

7 hectares (lha = 2.471 acres)

The vineyard was planted in 1130 by Cistercian monks.


3 hectares

AIl three appellation are planted with the chenin vine variety.

The vines planted over the last five years were taken from cuttings selected from the oldest vines on the Coulée de Serrant vineyard (vines dating back to 1920).

This careful selection reinforces the subtleties that the vineyard has expressed over the centuries. The average age of the vines at the Coulée de Serrant is 30 years.

The domaine started biodynamic farming in 1980. Since 1984, the entire vineyards has been farmed biodymalically. Since 1984, no synthetic chemical products, insecticides, systemic products or nitrates have been usel on the property.

A small amount of sulphur and “bouillie bordelaise” (copper and lime) are sprayed each year on the vines (about 10 kilos of “bouillie bordelaise” per hectare, the équivalent of 2,5 kilos of copper). Sulphur has a beneficial effect when the vines are in flower. The amount of copper is limited, an excess would be harmful to the life of the soil.

History of the Coulée of Serrant


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