Kuheiji Eau du Desir Vintage “Junmai Daiginjo 2017 “


Cuvée: Eau du Desir
Vintage: 2017
Grape(s): Junmai Daiginjo
Fermentation: Native
Appellation: Aichi
Region, Country: Aichi, Japan
Size: 750 ml
ALC./ABV: 16%

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This sake is the first to be created according to the new style of the house and was launched 20 years ago. The challenge was to make an elegant and harmonious sake while bringing the faithful expression of the rice variety used in the glass. To do this, brewing techniques have been developed so as not to distort the primary aromas and make the origin of this sake readable by all. It is possible to appreciate this explosion of flavors so characteristic of the saké junmai Daiginjo of Yamadanishiki without great knowledge. 

Such a marked highlighting of rice cannot be achieved without being accompanied by all the other flavors. Because this rice is less polished and involved in fermentations at higher temperatures than average, it brings with it sweetness, umami, acidity, astringency and bitterness. 

A beautiful expression of what we call Go Mi, the five flavors in Japanese. 

Yamadanishiki is one of the oldest varieties whose genetic heritage has remained unchanged for 80 years. Its six-month long growing cycle gives it time to soak up the sun during maturation, which ends around mid-October.


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