Foradori Vigneti delle Dolomiti Nosiola “Fontansanta 2019”


Cuvée: Fontanasanta
Vintage: 2019
Grape(s): Nosiola
Fermentation: Native
Appellation: Vigneti Delle Dolomiti
Region, Country: Terentino Alto Adige, Italy
Size: 750 ml
ALC./ABV: 12%

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The use of biodynamic preparations outbalanced and enhanced the vineyard’s ability to fully express their character.
Thus, since harvest 2009 we resumed the bottling of Teroldego Morei and Teroldego Sgarzon, two vineyards with differing remarks.

Fontanasanta is located in the hills above Trento. In this place full of waterways and biodiversity Nosiola and Manzoni Bianco thrive on a clayey-calcareous soil.

Fuoripista Pinot Grigio represents the character of vineyard sites close to the river Noce on the Southern edge of Campo Rotaliano: it is the gravel deriving from predominantly dolomitic rocks that donates an archetypical structure to this wine.


The only white grape variety native to Trentino, Nosiola was once widespread throughout the region, particularly in the Valle dei Laghi, the hills of Trento, Pressano and Cembra Valley. These areas are still the most suitable areas for its cultivation.

Its origin is rather uncertain: it is often confused with Durella from Vicenza. It is first referred to in 1825 when Acerbi enumerates it within «le viti dei contorni di Trento» (the vines of the outskirts of Trento).
It is later described again in G. Di Rovasenda’s “Universal Ampelography” (1877) and in subsequent publications including Molon (1906), Dalmasso (1921), Babo and Mach (1923), Marzotto (1925), Cosmo and Forti (1935).

Numerous references found in sixteenth century documents, however, indicate a strong possibility that Nosiola was already cultivated during the period of the Council of Trento, indicating this wine as having a central role during religious celebrations and banquets.

The name “Nosiola”, considered with male and female gender alike, seems to derive from a closeness with the wild hazelnut (“nosiol” in the Trentino dialect).
In fact, the hazelnut grows in the same hilly and mild habitat and its fruits have a color that is similar to the shades of Nosiola’s ripe grape berries and branches.

Nosiola is linked to the ancient production of the ‘Vino Santo’ in the Valle dei Laghi, while in the hills above Trento, Lavis and the Cembra Valley it is vinified exclusively as a dry wine. It favors clayey-calcareous soils with low fertility and habitats with high biodiversity, where afternoon breezes and cooler night temperatures temper the heat of the day and the loose grape-bunch can remain on the vine until late October.

Due to its fairly neutral aromas, in the past Nosiola was usually fermented on the skins. Thus the long maceration can extract the structure and aromas that characterize this wine along with its great longevity.

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